Kantin Textbook Exchange Project Announcement

is now available at www.kantin.us for University of Nebraska at Omaha students.

Today I am going to announce a project, Kantin, that I’ve been working on past two weeks. It is a textbook exchange website for students. For now, it will be available only for University of Nebraska at Omaha students, however I might add some other universities in the future.

What is Kantin?

Kantin (canteen) is Turkish word that stands for a cafeteria provided by an organization

such as a college or company for its students, staff, etc. In Turkey and some other European countries, Kantin is more than a cafeteria.

It is a place where students meet before and after classes, play games, talk about classes while having a cup of tea/coffee, and get together –usually 10-15 people– around a small table one hour before midterm starts and try to understand 1-2 months of course materials in that short period of time.

Kantin Project

The goal of this project is to help students to find textbooks from the students who studies in the same university and college. You can only register using your college email address. Once you register, you can either Sell Book on the website or you can Find Books.

To sell a book, you have to specify the college and university where you used the book. This will help other students to find books by university and college. For example, as a Computer Science major, I can visit the website and search books for University of Nebraska at Omaha -> College of Information Science & Technology. This will show me a list of books posted by students from the same college.

When you find the book you need, you can send email to seller clicking Contact Seller button. Kantin will send an email to user stating that you are interested to buy his/her book. After that all you need to do is to wait to hear from the seller student. Once you hear from the seller, all you need to do is to schedule a meeting on campus complete the transaction.


Kantin is completely free. Registration, contacting seller, completing transaction, and other everything is free. It also will be mobile-friendly website when it is completed.

Time Schedule

I was planning to release the website today, but it took longer than I thought to finish and I had to deal with some unexpected problems. I will hopefully publish the project by this Friday, January 9th. I included some sample screenshots from the application below.

Gokhan Arik


Kantin Desktop - Home Page

Kantin Desktop – Home Page


Kantin Desktop - Find Book

Kantin Desktop – Find Book


Kantin - Desktop - Sell Book

Kantin – Desktop – Sell Book


Kantin - Desktop - User Profile

Kantin – Desktop – User Profile

Kantin Mobile - Find Books

Kantin Mobile – Find Bo




















Kantin Mobile - Sell Book

Kantin Mobile – Sell Book

Kantin Mobile - Contact Seller

Kantin Mobile – Contact Seller










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